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How to choose the paper of portable shopping paper bags

Date:2022/5/6 14:33:27 Click:105

Why do beautiful shopping hand-held paper bags use coated paper as raw materials

How to choose the paper of portable shopping paper bags: kraft paper, coated paper?
For the design specification of portable shopping bags, the top edge of the paper handbag is folded inward to 60mm, which can strengthen the fixing force of the handle, and the bottom edge width is 15mm, which can strengthen the bearing capacity of the bottom of the bag. After the completion of the draft, 2 paste edges, 6 bottom edges and 6 top edges are set as the marks of the folding bag to facilitate the forming of the handbag.
paper bags

The commonly used handbag specifications produced by the paper bag machine mainly include:

S-type full paper four open bag size: length 18cm, width 7cm, height 27cm paper: 15 "X21" Silk direction: parallel 31 x43

L-shaped full paper split bag size: 22cm long, 10cm wide and 30cm high paper: 17 "X25" wire direction: parallel 31x43

T-type full paper three open bag size: length 24cm, width 10cm, height 24cm paper: 15 'x28 "wire direction: parallel 31x43

M-type chrysanthemum paper split bag size: 22cm long, 8cm wide and 30cm high paper: 17 "X25" Silk direction: parallel 31x43

X-type chrysanthemum paper full open bag size: 32cm long, 10cm wide and 45cm high paper: 25 '"X35" Silk direction: parallel 25x35

The paper used as the raw material of the shopping paper bag machine is preferably kraft paper, because the paper of kraft paper is relatively tough, and kraft paper also has colors, including two-color kraft paper, white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. On the paper, it can be divided into coated kraft and pure Kraft, which is suitable for making all kinds of handbags.

Coated paper is also suitable for high-quality color printing. Those beautiful handbags are made of coated paper. But the relative price will also be higher.